Monday, March 13, 2006

Hartal Day

  • By definition:
"Hartal" is a Gujurati word. "Har" means "everything" or "always"; "Tal" or "tala" means "to close". The word "hartal" means a day of mourning or protest, on which all the shops are shut and no-one goes to work or does any shopping
During India’s struggle for independence Gandhi took up the hartal in the form of a one-day general strike and boycott of commercial activity during which people engaged in prayer and fasting. The hartal is still a common form of protest even today - in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, for example.
We regard hartal as a nonviolent/"truth-forceful" way of tackling the economic causes of war, destruction of the environment and injustice. If we take a break from our everyday consumption and take time for prayer and fasting, we become aware of the part which we ourselves play in the injustice of the economic system.A hartal day of action during which many people refrain from consumption could be a powerful sign in political and economic life.
  • From My point of view
Yeah from our perspective the hartal day is really diferent thing :D
When I was a school boy then the " Hartal Day " was like a "eid day" to us. At the morning all of the boys [all seniors juniors] in our "Para(santinagar)" even the uncles .. all gathered together. If that was a rainy day then the football game was started and if the day was sunny then the cricket was started.

Two teams were formed each time. "The seniors" and "the juniors". Then we started for a big field like - Dhaka Stadium or Eid-gah Field or T&T field. Then we played whole day. We reached those fields on a van. The game continued up to 3 pm. then the seniors` team (they always were loser team :D ) "Treat" the juniors
When no fields were found then we started playing on the road. Ohh those days were really awesome!!!. After all these we all came back to home. My parents always forbade not to play in the sun for long and I was scolded even beaten up by my mother :D ya i enjoyed that also .. my elder sister always cried "that she also wanted to roam and play with us .."
then after noon we again all gathered .. short innings game were played then ....

When we played at our ground near home at afternoon then all the ladies :D gathered together in the veranda or in the roof top. That was also very funny .. coz almost all of us tried to show-off ... suppose after giving a goal .. or after holding a good catch before embracing th fellow mates in game the player first take a look at the ladies to know who is watching him .. ha ha ..yeah That time i was love in with a Apu .. Boby Apu .. :

Those days were really awesome ...Now I dont see any boy of school playing on the grounds in dhaka .. they all just spend the day watching cyber games ! Poor ! the mordern age boys .. and girls !!

Now the hartal days are not like the days passed by will obviously be better if the hartal day is vanished .. but I really enjoyed my "Hartal Days" in past ...


At 12:41 AM, Anonymous rizu said...

Funny you mentioned the good old days! Really miss the care-free life; the life where each day used to come with its own share of adventures! Simply miss being a kid!

I kinda pity all the kids these days as they’re living a life that is somewhat uncalled for... some sort of an illusion! Also pity myself for the person I have become. Once a fun-loving, outgoing, jovial and sporting kid; now a geeky kinda serious looking incredibly shy

Anyways.. love your blog! Wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts. And yeah, keep bloggin as I’ll be checking back for more quarky gems from you! Take care!

At 12:58 AM, Blogger dipu_1&only said...

hey rizu .. thats really we all simply miss being kid ..
i try to keep bloggin ..
and by the way .. brother ur english is really nice .. appreciable .. (Y)

At 3:45 AM, Blogger Rajputro said...

Hartal is still an eid day for us. :P

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Purna Dravid..who else!! said...

hmm....dipu has become an analysist and 'Bhashabid' as well. Dipu ke to or shob frnds ra fulay fapay shesh...jai hok hartal er din kemon...umm...aami rajputro bhai er shathe oikkomot hoilam. hartal ashole joss, shokal ghum theke utha nai, no class, nothing..!! but ektai problem...ammur chitkar and " nijer room saaf koro" eshob shona:(
tomr blog e to dekhi besh interesting shob jinish....but aami temon bhalo likhte pari na, tai amar konoi philosophic views nai tomr blog er bepar e...sorry bro!!!

At 1:26 AM, Blogger dipu_1&only said...

yeah shafi .. till "eid day "

and rizu ur blogs dont say that u r geek !

its okie purna thanks that u atleast said interesting and no worry .. just leave ur comments nothing else ...


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