Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One damn Year

Yeah just after one year I again came back to this Blog world!!!

Lots of changes/ups and downs came up to me, Changed job two times, sister got married, father got retired, mother became sick, fallen in love, still single, got friends-lost friends, dreams came true- dreams remained dreams- dreams were broken, enjoyed new things- missing the old days, passing the hectic days-lonely nights, can spend money whenever I wish-cant do whatever I wish, meet friends once in a week-meet shark like BOSS everyday, became fat-black-bald headed(all possible negative things came up in my physical structure), missed the Blog world, lost the symphony of writing Blogs, became “Dumb” writer from “Spoony”, becoming busy-busy more busy…

One damn year I passed! Became older

Day before yesterday- passing a lawn near a friend’s house, some school boys were playing cricket there, became damn happy to see them playing, suddenly fixed up my mind to play with them, I was moving towards them to join, all on a sudden the ball came near to my foot- I was about to pick the ball up! A boy shouted from a distance “Uncle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Throw the ball please.” Broken Heart! L I am now an uncle! still When I pass my school and see the girls of class 10 wearing “salwar-kamez”- I feel to call them up “Apu”. Still young in mind eh!! J One of my friends- always say “don’t wish me in birthdays- coz it’s not a good thing, getting old lar”

Want to share a lot of things happened in my life in last one year. I will come up with the “Year in Re(ar)view” series very quick.

Till then hold on!

Coming out from office lately tonight! Missed the pick n drop car, decided to walk- it was drizzling, on the way found a man standing playing the flute, halted for a moment- the song he was playing was very known to me but cudnt remember, all on a sudden while writing the blog the song came out of my mind (a Lalon song)----

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare
barir kache arshi nogor
setha porshi bosot kore- ek ghor porshi bosot kore

geram bere ogadh pani
nai kinara nai toroni pare
bancha kori dekhbo tare
kemne setha jai re-ami kemne setha jai re

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare

ki bolbo porshiro kotha
hosto podo skondho matha nai re
khonik thake sunner upor khonik bhashe nide

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare

porshi jodi amay chuto
jom jatona sokol jaito dure
se ar lalon ek khane roi - lokho jojon fak re ..
tobu lokho jojon fak re

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare

Monday, July 24, 2006

Who is the owner of the SIM

Last Saturday me, Rabby, Vicky and Sunny [frnds] were standing at Baily Road just opposite to new Haelvatia- were spending some lazy hours.. gossiping on some funny situations that occured in last few days in Bangladesh; sometimes we were making fun of the Sub-jailing of Shayokh Abdur Rahman and Bangla bhai in Mirpur, sometimes on the Generation Djuice and their language, etc. etc.

Vicky [who always acts mysterious] suddenly put out his Jumbo Mobile of Nokia - 7710 which was ringing, he looked at the mobile for couple of seconds and then again put that in his pocket. We saw the whole incident and asked him nothing as he always do some thing mysterious. At that time I discovered a tiny thing on the road near to vicky`s feet "arey eita ki! "

Yeah a SIM card was fallen on the street. The SIM cards became so cheap in Bangladesh :o Then I was about to take that from the ground and Rabby told "Tui nishchoi ekhon oita tuila Mobile e bhorbina ?!"

Yeah I took the SIM and took the Motorazor of Vicky [he uses two sets of Mobile but he hardly receives call !] and put that SIM card in. Found out the number of that SIM and most amazingly the number is "01721... ..." that means its a GP SIM and its quite new as the numer starts with 0172 !!!

Then we started finding the saved numbers in SIM card; actually we were looking for some number of gals :P .. we found the following names saved in the mobile alphabetically

Paul*Gatiar [same number as the previous one !]
Raquel+ Jaspier
and two or three more I forgot.

The names are so confusing by which neither we could predict anything nor we got a sweet number to call :( Then checked the account and it had 24 taka remaining. We had nothing to do at that moment we planned to take a challenge .. the challenge is to discover the owner of the mobile and hand it over to him. The clues are the phone numbers we got and we have "life" of 24 taka only.

[ he he he "kam na thakle ja hoi ar ki ! " : ]

Anyways vicky started the challenge . first called to Baba.

Vicky - "Hellow .. bhai please ei number e ektu call back koren joruri"
From the other side - "ji ji ..? ? "
Vicky disconnected the call and within few seconds 'the call of BABA' came.
Okie now my part "Bhai ei number ta ki apni chinen ?"
- "keda bhai o .. keda ? ki hoise ? na na chini na to ! eita koi ?"
me - "eida dhaka"
- "kon ki ? ami to comillai .. keda ? keda ?"
me - "bhai sab apner no. ei SIM card e Baba nam e save kora tai bhablam apni ei harano SIM card er maliker bap .. he he he .. jai hok apni chinen na ei number ? taile baad den"
- "kia koilen bhaisa ? ai to bia e kori no !! " [what r u talking about ? i didnt marry yet]
me :-s

Okie we have 20 taka left and 5 numbers, within this have to find out the owner.

We then called the "Paul+gatair".. Vicky again asked that person to call back and most amazingly this guy also called back. I was thinking if I would receive this kind of calls I would never call him back :P

Anyways Paul on the phone - "hellow ji bhai bolen ki somossa ?"
Me- "Paul bolchen ? apnio ki Comillai ?"
- "[amazed] ji.. ke ?"
I described him the whole situation and he was also amazed as he doesn`t know the number ! Then that Paul asked me my number :-s I told him that he will get me in this number since I dont get the owner .. khekz ;)

Then a "pan-cigarette wala" beside us was laughing at us on this situation, we offered him to keep the SIM and he refused :O

Then Vicky, Rabby started making fun .. they figured the whole situation just as the movie "Telephone Booth" one person is sitting near us with a sniper and we started searching the sniper .. one again was telling about the movie "Cellular" that someone will call us and ask to rescue her .. blah blah blah

Suddenly the phone rang - who will receive the call ? The number was unknown ! After some rings I received the call;
- "Helllow"
- "sono [no hellow nothing] ajke bikel 3 tar somoy press club e Awamileague er ekta sobad sommelon ache tumi aste parba ?"
I answered "amake ki korte hobe ?"

The person disconnectd the call strangely !

Now who could be the owner ? Is he a journalist ? or is this a code of terrorists that means they are planning to do some terrorism in press club !

Huuusssh ! a police van just stopped by us at that moment. Rabby is still telling somethin hilarious "they traced the call dipu .. they traced .. hata suru kor .. vicky mobile silent kor ektu duur e gia SIM falaia de " he he .. :-j

A sergeant got down from the van and most amazingly he came toward me ! Now I got fright !That police asked "ei dokane ki gold leaf er notun flavor ta paoa jai ?"

me - ":o dokandar rei jiggesh koren ?"
police man - "dokaner samne emne bhir koira daraye thakle kemne jigamu ? dekhi SOREN !"

We just gave him some room and suddenly his walky talky started talking "##**$^ [some codes] Sir sir .. brishti astese amra ki tent e chole jabo ? sir sir ..over"

police man - "&^*&^ [codes again] brihsti aite den agei den jabo koren keno? over "

Suddenly his mobile rang and he aswered to that mobile simaltaneously "ji hellow .. arey koien na sir ajke sokalei SIM ta haraise .. pocket e SIM thakle ja hoi ar ki .. oi number ta koidinn pore tulbo apni ei number ta diye den"

We just left the place .. it is not suitable to be with a Police man for such a long time. Suddenly again our Motorazor rang and it is Paul again "Baily road er kon jaigai asen apni bolen ? ami lok pathachi .. apni ke ? who are you ?"
I answered - "apni to malik na apni keno lok pathaben ?"
- "taile amare phone korsen keno ? beshi faal pairen na koia dilam "

I just disconnected the call.. it already half an hour passed .. I gave up .. I decided not to play more with that.

Mysterious Vicky kept the SIM with him. Rabby started sloving the equation- suspects are
- The police man
- The "pan cigarette wala"
- Paul
- and vicky ! [vicky doesn`t know about his suspenison .. he he]

The problem is not solved yet.. When I was writing this post I called vicky to know the current situation of the SIM and mysteriously he answered "ase ase bepar ase !"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Underground Band of Bangladesh and ARBOVIRUS

Bangla pop and rock Music world is being matured day by day. After "Sadhinota Judho `71"
there was a great revolution in pop and rock music in Bangladesh...

  • Azam Khan: popularly hailed as "pop guru" of Bangladesh
  • In Dhaka: rock band
  • Happy Akhand: survived by his brother Lucky Akhand, after his untimely death in 80s.
  • Jewel: deceased
  • Lucky Akhand: legendary pop singer who carried on the work of brother Happy Akhand
  • Souls: emerged in late 70s in Chittagong, gained popularity over more than a decade, served to launch Ayub Bacchu (vocalist of L.R.B) and Tapan Chowdhuri, been less visible in the 90s
  • Tapan Choudhuri: went solo after beginning career in Souls
  • Warfaze: emerged in mid-eighties as hard-rock band and initiated rock era of Bangladesh

The mainstream bands of bangladesh are:

Mainstream bands have already released solo albums while underground bands are trying to promote themselves by performing their own numbers or cover numbers in concerts. Many popular bands like Artcell, Arbovirus, Black, Cryptic Fate, The Watson Brothers have come from the underground circle and are still considered underground by most people as they still mostly play underground shows and are not widely popular throughout the country. The more successful bands eventually sign for a record label. G-series is becoming more and more popular for providing platforms to such underground bands. Genres such as Alternative rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and sub- genres like Death Metal, Black Metal and Gothic Metal are increasingly popular among these bands.

Some of the popular underground bands are:

[** bands have released at lest one or more albums]

Now one of our [Me aka spoony writer,Tareq aka Bitter Sweet Symphony, Shafi aka Rajputro] friends Jishan [BUET,CSE-01] has been doing great in the famous Underground band Arbovirus in Bass lineup since the year 2002.

"Arbo" is going to release their first album "64m 53s" under the banner of G-series tomorrow.
The Album-release ceremony will be held on 20th July, 2006 at Basundhara city [panthopath] in 6th floor. Sumon bhai from Aurthohin, Durey mama, Jewel bhai from Miles and other kings of Bangla pop music world will be present in the occassion.

The album recording, mixing was finalized early in this year. Due to some unavoidable situations this was delayed to be released on this month of july, 2006. The site of "Arbo" is underconstruction. So, you cant get much information from that one. But shafi gave some informative news on Arbo in his recent post My Playlist July 18,2006.

Band line-up of Arbovirus:

Vocal: Sufi
Lead guitar: Suharto
Lead and Riff guitar: Ranjan
Bass: Jishan
Drums: Tanim

Join in the occassion,buy the CD :P and feel the pleasure of Alternative/Hard Rock touch of Bangla music...

Saturday, July 15, 2006


This happened three or four months ago. One of my good friends .. RUMU [marine engineer] came to my office and he told me that he had to buy some stuff.
I always jog at morning and I also had to buy a new pair of jogging shoes. That was the end of month and as usual I had the common "money-problem !" I was thinkig of buying cheap shoes.

So I planned to go to Gulishthan Market- The largest second-hand market of Bangladesh.

Rumu is a kind of boy who gets excited in every matters; suppose, right now he is in Mumbai and he mailed me like this .. "dost .. fanaa deikha ami akashe bhastasi .. etto joss. etto .. ar dost eikhankar maiara jei smart ! mone koro bangladesh er sobcheye dami model o eikhankar normal ekta meyer kache fail khaia jaibo .. " blah blah ..

Now while we were on the way to Gulisthan he was excited as usual .. "dost gulisthan dui nombor hoile ki hoibo ! eikhane kintu mone kor 1 nombor available paoa jai .. tor jahaj theke amar chokher samne pura NikE er bakso lut kore nia asche .. koi nia asche ko ? ei gulisthan .. bujchos? huda hudi nike - mike theika beshi dam dia kinar cheye ei khan theika kinle tui jitbi .. dont worry man ! :) ..."

I was just in accordance with all his talkings .. in the mean time we reached the Gulisthan Market- everything quite changed ! I didnt come for long in this market .. the cinema hall is not over there .. I had a lot funny memories with this "ek ticket e dui chobi" cinema hall ...

We started from a corner. I had an idea on the price of the shoes. I was looking for the lace-less nike shoes .. and I found one from a vendor. I wore the shoe in one foot .. that fit to me and I was happy coz my feet are XXL. :D
Rumu kept talking "arey beta challu hoise .. khape khap moijuddir baap !" Then i started bargaining. The vendor started packing [this is their style to sell.. that is they start packing without settling down to a price].. I stopped him and asked whats the price ..
he replied "apner kach theika ki miah ar beshi rahum naki ? shesh bajare aisen .. ja chamu dia diben .. "

I said "dam kon! "
reply "ek dam 600 taka diben"
I started walking and he stopped me .. "apne koia jan kisu ekta ! juta pinda punda ehon na nia jaiben .. kemne hoibo ? dam koia jan ekta .. kharan miah"

I sniffed that this guy is not like others .. he is kind of rude. :( I was thinking in mymind .. and was trying to tell 100 taka .. at that time my good friend Rumu - told most surprisingly "300 taka den" I was astonished and I pulled his hand to move, Rumu realized that he made a mistake .. then we started walking .. then the vendor shouted "koi jan .. kharan " .. he ran to me .. and pulled my hand ..

We had to stop. The vendor continued shouting "oi miah faijlami paisen .. damadami koira juta niben na mane .. ? ki kon ? pirit er alap paisen naki ? juta loia jan koilam ."

Then I started shouting ''oi ki hoise.. ami nimu na koisina 300 takai .. nimu na.. hey (pointing to rumu) bhul korse .. kintu ami 300 takai nimuna .. 100 takai dile dao .. noile jamuga .. "

A good number of vendors then gathered, someone was shouting "ki hoise? ki hoise ? tafalling kore ?"
Then in their replies our vendor said "arey damadami koira nibo na koi .."

I was also shouting to him .. then at last I setteled down to 100, and the vendor kept saying "den den .."

I just pulled my money bag out and I was afraid whether there were change of 500 taka or not .. thanks god ! there was .. two 100 taka were sticked together .. and suddenly the vendor just snatched 200 taka from my bag and said "ek paisao kom dimu na .. jaan "

I was stunned .. Rumu was trembling ..
I was shouting shivering in anger "bhai apnera dekhen uni amar taka churi korse .. amar taka churi korse .. " each and every person surrounding us just gave us a blank look .. nothing else ..

Then i cried out "***** pola tor juta ami nimu na .. ei taka tor ga dia goila goila porbo .. **** nati .. "
Then kicking the trash of his shoes we left that place.

For a long time me and Rumu were not talking .. then I started "arey bepar na .. ei alakai ei rokom hoi e .. agei sabdhan hoa uchit chilo.. mood tai noshto hoia gelo .. kintu juta ajke kinum e chol onno dike dekhi .."

Rumu: "dost ami bujhinai .. sorry dost .. ami jantam na eto kharap obostha ei khane .. sorry :("

Anyways we were looking for other shoes and I did not find not a single pair of shoes just like that one .. and i was desperately looking for that one only !

We were roaming for half of an hour .. then suddenly a man wearing a white lungi, holding a mobile in his hand .. just like the typical business man in old-dhaka called me from back "bhai ki hoise ? kon.."

I said "na ki hoibo kisu hoi nai .. ken?"

"bhai ektu ei dike asen"

I was trying to figure out the situation .. whats going on !

I looked around and decided to go with that stranger .. we were led to that vendor again by that typical man. That vendor was standing with an angry face .. he was complaining to him about me "arey ustaad .. dam dami koira nibona koi .. ami ki korum kon .. hara din kharaia thaki .. customer e ei rohom korle gaa joila jai :("

The lungi man shouted "chup thak harami"
Then turning to me "ki hoise bhai kon.."
I just repeated the whole story to him .. then he told "apnera shikhito manushera jodi ei rokom oshikhiter moto kam koren taile ar amra kemne babsha korum .. (then turning to that vendor he shouted) oi taka de unar"

He gave me my Money-back !!! !!!!! :O :O

So many surprises all in a row .. yeah I was lucky that day .. very lucky .. and I know almost everyone of my age residing here in dhaka certainly had this kind of experiences .. but this one is unique as I got my money back .. ha ha ha ha ha ......

oh . the conclusion is: I bought at last from BATA .. he he ..

Monday, July 10, 2006

World cup Finals 2006-the END

The world cup finals - 2006 has come to an end.

My favourtie was Brazil and second favourite team was Italy. Thats why at the end I am pleased .. yeah (Y)..

But Zidane (!!$@!#$!^#%!#&%!&#%!#!*&) ..

At the last of this world cup my conclusion is:

"Imossible is nothing"

cheers everybody

we will miss some very common thing like:
"najar jhukaye naa.... kabhi ..or na jhukaye ee kabhi ..."

"uh .. HELLO MOTTO! "

"hello everyone I am Harsha on ESPN and there is match between Srilanka vs. Italy .. oops! i mixed up the cricket and football .. he he "

Monday, July 03, 2006

Month in Re(ar)view - 4

After that again in that alumni association thing came .. I was nominated for the post of Secretary in the council committee and most amazingly I was elected after a hard contest with a senior bro in the election!

I could not manage myself to write blogs during those days .. the only thing I did in internet is to mail to friend..

I missed this blog .. one day .. I saw that Upoma, Audity, Tareq, Rajputro, Munaz and all left some comments like 'where are you?' I really felt something in me .. I am missing a great world ! So many friends around me ! I wanted to write alot but could not do so for many many complexities ! SORRY GUYS !

Then at the last week of JUNE- The luckiest week of my life.

I got third time call from Rankstel ltd. and that day they gave me offer letter of Joinning there ! WOW !!! I was so happy ! At last I could manage myself to get a job during June!! But only thing itching me with this job that is I have to work outside dhaka... outside dhaka internet access is too tough and without internet I am nothing !

Then and then I got another call from ZTE and after a 3 hours interview the chief hanged my job ! that was really disappointing .. it was becoming a history coz i will be the only one person who was dismissed after 5 time interviews .. Nope .. in this session of world cup finals the luck didn`t play football with me ..I got job in ZTE corporation- being selected 1 from 33 persons.

Then again a mixture of sad and joy part came (!?) in my life .. I finished the last project submitted it and at the same time I resigned from my first job :(

I left my office room bare like this.. i really miss that office, the stuffs and specially my own room ! where I was the only king ..

Anyway its not the end .. then Argentina vs. Germany night (!) watched the game in a friend`s house .. after the result I was so happy that i called all of my argentina supporter friends .. most of them ddidn`t receive the call .. hehehe .. some of them were so sad that they just received the call and told "dost khela dekha bondho koira disi baal ! "

After that night .. yes Brazil vs. France .. the repetition of history .. Brazil messed the whole game like that final against the same France .. Zidane got extra power and Ronaldo the Villain of this world cup finals got extra fat in his belly, the fashionable player kaka, the magician Ronaldinho, all the seniors like Cafu, Carlos made the whole world stunned (!!)

With a mixture of heavy mind (as brazil lost the game) and a joyful mind I joined today ZTE corporation ltd. as a Technical Support Engineer- Optical Transmisson Division.

Wish me luck !

Month in Re(ar)view - 3

Anyways .. at the middle of JUNE ..
I became little bit more busy as I was getting call for interviews.. then my routine was again changed .. I stopped jogging which was putting extra pressure...

okie those Interviews were going AMAZING !! In one company evaluated my CV .. took my interview for long and at last they gave me the answer "As You are 9 months experienced then we can give you 8000 taka (!!!!) " :S

Then the most disgusting Grameen Phone again called me to sit for a written exam. They only kept calling me for only written exams and no further action !!?? It made me more more frustrated !! Tareq named our group as "bolod group" the members of these group only get calls for interview; after giving a good interview job they will get no job! We again started finding fun in all these grief of sorrows !!he he he ....

Then Rankstel Ltd. called me for interview, ZTE corporation ltd. called me for interview- thats all nothing else were happening .. I was just giving interviews and watching footballs and working on the last project which worths nothing.

Tareq again proposed me one day "DIPU. eisob bondho kor .. amgo ar teleco chakri hoibona baad de .. GRE suru kori I am serious ! Its BETTER if YOU QUIT NOW"
I just begged to him "DOST ei June mash ta last fight dia loi, jodi na hoi mone kor ei desh ei thakum na !! :( Then i will start GRE with ya .. dont worry ! man "

That was in the middle of June.. only fifteen days to go ! Shit ! (pore na abar desh na charte hoi :s) Then and then in BUET instead of jogging one new thing addded to my daily routine that is Playing football with ORGINALfifA world cup football-2006.

During those days of let night bachelor party .. one day I was too much depressed with all happenings to me .. then one of my friend (Jony) sat by me, put his hand on my shoulder and told "arey beta dekh tor sathe jara ase oder jibone ki ase ? cicuit - computer - ar internet .. kintu tor jibone ? tor jibone ache anondo-khela dhula-moja masti-jua-mod .. cheer up man ! "
wow !!ha ha ha !! everybody gave applause to him ! I could not resist myself laughing .. again realized friends forever! :)

Meanwhile I found that in Rankstel ltd. I got second call for interview, I got call for an interview in Grameen Phone and also in ZTE corporation ltd. I got third time call.. he he !!! everybody started again making fun .. "dipu taile ei mash e tin jaigai e chakri kor .. pore sobaire khawa .. jekhane sekhane na ekdom khod RADISSON e khawa .. ! "

I only got interview call for second time nothing else ! I know these all are fake interviews .. they never recruit in this process .. they only calls and make people like me frustrated ! Thats why I was just smiling to them .. a disappointed smile !

Month in Re(ar)view - 2

The month of JUNE started ..

Meanwhile the greatest show on earth World cup finals started. Morally I am a Brazilian fan :P My daily routine has been changed a little bit. There was a project going on in Softart solutions ltd. I had no bindings to finish it in time. but i took it as a challenge to finish it. I had three targets I ahve to finish the project, have to get a job, have to watch all the football matches.

Watching football in student dormitory with hundreds of supporters is really a thrilling experience. We enjoyed the 2002 FIFA world cup finals back in IUT dorm.Anywayz my few mates in BUET proposed me to enjoy them in BuEt dorms. Done.

My daily routine became like this:
Everyday wake up in the very morning .. have a little jog in Ramna Park..then start for dropping CV s .. then again go back to office to finish the last project .. then come back to shahbagh beauty`s Tea stall to have some chat with friends.. then again go back to BUET hall to watch the games. :p I was myself was amazed how I could manage all those things all in a row !

In the dorm there is a special thing that gives extra thrill to football matches that is BETTING. I used to watch in Nazrul and Ahsanullah hall. Everynight (in the first round matches ) I bet for a comparatively weak team and then lose the bet. :P Thats really fun !

After watching all the games it becomes 3pm in midnight in Bangladesh time. Some of the friends arranged bachelor parties after the game hall- ahsanullah room no. 114. Scotch, Moskovoyoski(russian vodka), vodka, Taquilla .. each item were tasted round by round. During that party another round of thrilling POKER game started.. he he he .. after losing the bet in game I became used to lose in those pokers too ! ! ! :-j Such a loser !!

After the poker game then the continuous song competition starts .. each and everyone sings to his maximum limit .. After all these everybody goes to sleep and I .. again start jog .. go for dropping cv s .. go to office !!!!! I became a restless freak ! Friends made a lot of fun, they used to call me " Dipu dost u r unique ! u r boss ! BEKAR CHAKRIjibi .. " ha ha ha ha ..

In the mean time our gathering slowed down lil bit in our "chakrijibi adda" place in Beauty`s tea-stall coz all the job holders became very very busy ! They could not manage themself to gather for awhile. :(

Me, Tareq and Amit met every alternative day. Frustration of life, frustration of job became more harder and more bold to us .. :(

One day Tareq was too much happy ! "what happened?" yes he got a nice job to do .. he startd programming in a project which has been sold in USA for 40 MILLION US Dollar. WOW !! we started counting .. if tareq get .001% bonus of that project he will get 40 LAKH taka. wow !

That very time I became more frustrated .. I was disappointed :( shared first with friends about my current job situation and dark future ! they were stunned to hear all !!

Month in Re(ar)view - 1

Hello everyone !sorry that I was out for a long time from this blog world. I really missed this part of my life :)I was really dead busy with lots of stuffs :P I came back after passing some long hectic days while I had a good number of strange experiences. With all these I am decorating here my Month in Re(ar)view. [as bloggers never like to read a long post thats why i broke them into parts]

Everybody who are the readers of this blog already knows well that I work in a tiny little Software co. named "Softrart Solutions ltd." In the month of May my boss suddenly in a middle of a project consulted with me with the office stuffs, the grapevines of the employees and salary satisfaction and others organizational matters. After a long discussion he came to a decision- the ultimate decision which was almost like a "thunder in bolt" to me.

That day he spontaneously started to share his thoughts of his future planning .. business plans etc. -"dipu I am invastigating a huge amount in other business; my wish to setup a call center here in bangladesh blah blah .."
he continued "Reza(my second boss in canada) will also be busy with higher study stuffs and he will not get much time to help the Softart solutions ltd, so i am thinking of making softart for only part timers not for full timers .. you better start looking for a full time job and you will work here as part timer."

I already gave up all the hopes with the software and teleco job market here in bangladesh .. shit!! what will happen next? This is quite impossible for me to get a new job in this situation :( Then I was assured that "dont worry boy ! take ur time, you will get salary since you get a new job."

That was a relief, but there was also bitter heart-ache. Most of my friends are stable in their situation and at this moment I have to face the bitter job hunting process, all the interviews .. ugghhhh !

Thus the Month started. I again started hunting job as a fresh student after 9 monhs of my graduation. Friends already started asking "hey what happened? why so worry for a job so quick while you are already in a job .. a good one ! where you have 50% share (!)"
[they always make fun with me on this very matter as I was given a 50% increment in mothly salary.. ha ha ha ]

I fell into a false position ! coz the 50% share is going to fall down to 0%, i am being jobless ! he he he ...

By this time -In our varsity a brand new Alumni Association is going to be formed. I was called as a representative of the most recent Alumni Batch-01. That also started bitterly. In the meeting all the alumni of 5-6 years senior to me gathered together.Some of them were Deputy Manager- Aktel, Acceptance manager- Grameen phone; senior exutive- Siemens, IN techinical engineer-Bangla Link, Solution Manager-Ericsson...... so many BIG BIG brothers. In the council meeting everybody started introducing himself. When my turn came .. he he he ... I only said "Dipu 01 batch". Then everybody asks eagerly "currently working where ?" I answer "Software Developer - Softart solutions ltd." Then the funny replies come back to me such as "Oh yeah Softart solutions .. heard that name .. good company .. good good " :p he he he

Thus the days were passing by. Everyday in the boiling-scorching heat of this summer I was dropping CV s .. dropping restlessly. Those alumni (!?) can do one thing better is that "dont worry man .. tomra bose thakbe eita sombhob naki ?hoye jabe ! insallah .. wait and see !" I was only waiting and seeing ....

Thus the month of May 2006 came to an end and I became more and more disappointed.
My mom kept yelling at me
"cahkri er jonno pagol hoisot ken? jekhane asot bhalo lage na ? cigarette khawa bondho korbi kobe ? eisob neshakhor cheler jotno ami nite parbona bole dilam !! " :(

Always the bad times congregdate together :((

All my hopes nipped in bud ...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The day of devil worshipper !

hi folks did you check the date of today .. yes it is 6th june. The day when Sukarno was born in the year of 1901 who attempted to consolidate his multi-island nation 'Indonesia' and establish a "guided democracy". :P no I am not talking about him. I am talking about the date 06-06-06. Yes this very date is proved as "number of the beast" by the biblical historians.

The historians say that "idiots around the world are preparing for satanic chaos on June 6 of this year -- a date often written as "06/06/06,"

According to the bible analysts there are 2 kinds of people - one is 666 people and the other is 888 people !
"The 666 people live their lives without God, wholly according to adamic fallen human nature. In doing this, willingly or unwillingly, they are in Satan's grip. The 888 people are a total contrast. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They are wholly led by the Spirit and have entered the fullness of sonship. They have been redeemed from the earth."

The mothers are in fear to give birth on this very day of curse !
check this out !
Moms-to-be fear 06/06/06 babies

The devil worshipper believes that the devil will come and conquer this earth. how ? okie .. lets go for a historical meaning. All of us know about the Roman Numbering system !! In that system 666 is deciphered as VI VI VI. In the Latin language this refers directly to : Vini, Vidi, Vinci. These words have the distinct meaning of: "I came, I saw, I conquered". The Latin word "Vini", has been since re-spelled as "Veni". Thus, the abbreviation of Vini(Veni), Vidi, Vinci, is VI VI VI or 666.


Now some examples .. everybody knows about Henry Kissinger. Judging by his actions with the One World Order controllers, Kissinger, too, appears to be a part of the "Beast" system. How ?

Using the English Alphabet and the Babylonian numbering system (system numbering by six) and assigning "man’s" number "6" to the first letter "A"" of man’s alphabet, a system has been constructed by giving each succeeding letter an increasing value of six. For example:

6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78
84 90 96 102 108 114 120 126 132 138 144 150 156

Now for Kissinger (Henry) it stands (K-66, I-54, S-114, S-114, I-54, N-84, G-42, E-30, R-108) add them up .. u will find that the total is "666" :-S

According to this numbering system check the following words

Rape 240 = 6 [R=108+A=6+P=96+E=30]
Satan 330 = 6
Murder 474 = 15 = 6

And the flipped over 6 is 9 and according to bible 9 considered as a "number of good !"

According to the Babbylonian number system check the following words:

Love 324 = 9
Peace 180 = 9
Kindness 720 = 9

Isnt it amazing !!


For more information you can check this out also !

06/06/06: Another Date with Para-Science


Anywyaz the day is almost finished and I found nothing ill happened.. so dont worry !! cheers !!