Monday, July 03, 2006

Month in Re(ar)view - 1

Hello everyone !sorry that I was out for a long time from this blog world. I really missed this part of my life :)I was really dead busy with lots of stuffs :P I came back after passing some long hectic days while I had a good number of strange experiences. With all these I am decorating here my Month in Re(ar)view. [as bloggers never like to read a long post thats why i broke them into parts]

Everybody who are the readers of this blog already knows well that I work in a tiny little Software co. named "Softrart Solutions ltd." In the month of May my boss suddenly in a middle of a project consulted with me with the office stuffs, the grapevines of the employees and salary satisfaction and others organizational matters. After a long discussion he came to a decision- the ultimate decision which was almost like a "thunder in bolt" to me.

That day he spontaneously started to share his thoughts of his future planning .. business plans etc. -"dipu I am invastigating a huge amount in other business; my wish to setup a call center here in bangladesh blah blah .."
he continued "Reza(my second boss in canada) will also be busy with higher study stuffs and he will not get much time to help the Softart solutions ltd, so i am thinking of making softart for only part timers not for full timers .. you better start looking for a full time job and you will work here as part timer."

I already gave up all the hopes with the software and teleco job market here in bangladesh .. shit!! what will happen next? This is quite impossible for me to get a new job in this situation :( Then I was assured that "dont worry boy ! take ur time, you will get salary since you get a new job."

That was a relief, but there was also bitter heart-ache. Most of my friends are stable in their situation and at this moment I have to face the bitter job hunting process, all the interviews .. ugghhhh !

Thus the Month started. I again started hunting job as a fresh student after 9 monhs of my graduation. Friends already started asking "hey what happened? why so worry for a job so quick while you are already in a job .. a good one ! where you have 50% share (!)"
[they always make fun with me on this very matter as I was given a 50% increment in mothly salary.. ha ha ha ]

I fell into a false position ! coz the 50% share is going to fall down to 0%, i am being jobless ! he he he ...

By this time -In our varsity a brand new Alumni Association is going to be formed. I was called as a representative of the most recent Alumni Batch-01. That also started bitterly. In the meeting all the alumni of 5-6 years senior to me gathered together.Some of them were Deputy Manager- Aktel, Acceptance manager- Grameen phone; senior exutive- Siemens, IN techinical engineer-Bangla Link, Solution Manager-Ericsson...... so many BIG BIG brothers. In the council meeting everybody started introducing himself. When my turn came .. he he he ... I only said "Dipu 01 batch". Then everybody asks eagerly "currently working where ?" I answer "Software Developer - Softart solutions ltd." Then the funny replies come back to me such as "Oh yeah Softart solutions .. heard that name .. good company .. good good " :p he he he

Thus the days were passing by. Everyday in the boiling-scorching heat of this summer I was dropping CV s .. dropping restlessly. Those alumni (!?) can do one thing better is that "dont worry man .. tomra bose thakbe eita sombhob naki ?hoye jabe ! insallah .. wait and see !" I was only waiting and seeing ....

Thus the month of May 2006 came to an end and I became more and more disappointed.
My mom kept yelling at me
"cahkri er jonno pagol hoisot ken? jekhane asot bhalo lage na ? cigarette khawa bondho korbi kobe ? eisob neshakhor cheler jotno ami nite parbona bole dilam !! " :(

Always the bad times congregdate together :((

All my hopes nipped in bud ...


At 11:29 AM, Blogger aragorn said...

welcome back dipu...

At 12:14 PM, Blogger dipu_1&only said...

thanks tareq !

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

50% increment!!!! hehehehe... ultimately oita promotion chilo na demotion chilo thik bujhlam na :P

amio ekta job paisi :D mcdonalds e... (don't mean to hurt u or anything :S) ami chinta kortesilam khelar shomoy kaj korte bolle ami bura angul dekhay chole ashbo... pore oboshsho she rokom hoi nai... jai hok... ami orientation e gelam.. bashay ammu jiggesh korlo kitchen e ki ki korte hobe... ami bollam "pichla porte hobe" ..."keno? :O clean kore na?" ... "kore kintu life insurance kore jawa lagbe" ... "kajta ki?" .... "pichla pora"

ei holo amar oboshtha :P

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw... welcome back :D ... we missed you too :)

At 2:27 PM, Blogger dipu_1&only said...

Gratis Audity!! ::bowing:: ::bowing::

Ei jibone Mc Donalds e dhuktei parlam na ar tumi kina chakri suru kore diso .. WOW !!!

tumi ek kaj koro bangladesh e Mc donalds er ekta franchise khuila felo .. jaiga jomi jiarot court kachari sob dhoroner help e amra asi .. :D

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 numberir abhash pai ;) ... dhuklami na akhonoi franchise khulte bolen! amader kintu pichoner dorja khola nishedh ;) (literally!)

At 2:32 PM, Blogger dipu_1&only said...

literally hoile ar chinta ki ! :P

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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