Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Little Singer !

It is a tradition in our locality to send some gifts in every season to the bridegroom`s house .. suppose if it is "grisho kal" [summer] then you have to send am, jam, kathal, lichu [i dont know the english of all fruits..:P i was so weak in "word book" back in school :(] anyway at "Borsha" [rainy] u have to send tal, chira, gur, muri and at winter you have to send pitha,puli, finni, payesh !!! so many occassions and so many formality of showing gratitude !

My mother is so much concerned about these formalities .. thts why she was planning to send some fruits to my "dulabhai" s house from the very beginning of this summer when the market was full of ripe mangoes. She bought 14kgs of mango, 10 jackfruits and some other fruits. She packed them with her own hand and asked me to bring them to the family. Her[my sister] father-in-law is Colonel, thats why the full family live in Dhaka Cantonment ! Far far away from my home.

I started with whole package of fruits on a cab. Reached the home .. they were astonished to see the amount of fruits !! okey .. i enjoyed the time .. after spending some nice time there .. I started again to my way of "vakua" to shahbagh.

[i think u r not getting anything ..coz the post heading is fully irrelevant to what i am writing.. anyway go ahead..]

At "Jahangir Gate" I rushed into a local bus. It started raining. At the first bench I found a little boy of nearly 10-12 age is sitting alone wearing a lungi and a torn shirt carrying a bag on his shoulder and no other seats are left for me to sit. I kept standing.. then the boy suddenly pulling my shirts softly ..I lookd at him .. he said "bosen ! " and he got up .. I told "na na thik ache" .. but he didn`t answer and he didn`t sit though .. he remianed standing.. I found it quite unususal and sat on the seat :)

Suddenly the boy put out a "khonjoni " from his bag .. and started making a nice (really very nice) sweet melody with his instrument .. everybody in bus became curious ... started whinning .. the boy was paying no attention to them !!

He continued his melody "chik chik chik chik chika chik chik chik chika .. "

Then one commented "oi beta gaan dhorosna ! he he he"

Just after that comment the boy started singing in a voice .. oh !! that was amazing .. everyone just became stunned for a moment .. his voice is sharp .. the tone is not matured enough but he has a good sense of music ..

He started shaking his head and with the melody of "chik chika chik chik" he was continuing

"Bonde maya lagaise piriti shikhaise !
oh bonde maya lagaise .. piriti shikhaise ...
deewana banaise bonde .. pagol korise ..
bonde maya lagaise .. "

After finishing the song not a single one was annoyed ... everybody asked him to start again .. He was not paying attention to others comments or gratitude .. he just stopped for a while and started in his wish .. a new song ..

At that time a thought came in my mind .. I saw this before .. i saw this boy before for sure .. and he was singing this very song "bonde maya lagaise .. " [!] anyways the amazing boy was started a new song -

"khayrun lowwww.. tor lomba mathar kesh .....
chirol dat er hashi diya pagol korli desh .............
khayrun lowwwwwwwwwwwww........................."

I forgot to get down in firmgate to the way to shahbagh ..Then we were at moghbazar chourasta.. the boy put the instrument back in his bag .. and looked straight to the people in the bus and started talking "bhai .. ami gorib ..poth e ghat e gan gaia kamai kori ..apnera ektu sahajjo korle .. khub bhalo hoi .. "

Do you know what happened next ? yes

each and everyone [including the contactor, driver and me ] on the bus gave him some money .. and i saw someone paying 5 taka ! everyone felt so pleasure hearing his song !! and the boy had an extraordinary personality .. that also attracted everyone ..

anyway i got down from bus at malibagh and i found the amazing boy was with me .. it started raining again .. i had a plan to go to a cyber cafe but the cafe is in a little bit distance from where I got down ..

We both took a place to hide from the poruing raindrops .. he was just beside me ..
I started talking "tomar nam ki ? "
the boy - "montu miah"
- "thako koi ? baba ma er sathe ?"
- "na choto bhai ar ami .. kamalapur "
- "gaan to bhala gao bhai .. khub bhala "
he said nothing ..
- "ekhon ki kamalapur jaiba?"
- "na choto bhai santinagar e oshudher dokane kam kore .. ore nia jamu "
- "raite koi khao"
he answered nothing
- "sara din e ki gaan gao?"
he just looked at me and smiled - for the first time
- "chalo khai tomar bhai kun dokane?amar khida lagse"
- "bhai dokanei khai"
-"taile cholo tumi ar ami khai"
he said nothing and I started walking. Montu miah followed me.
We entered a hotel and ordered for puri-cha.

Montu miah talks too little. All the time he was looking at the ground in the hotel. I asked him a lot of question. He answered a very few :D

After finishing the meal he looked at me and said "shukria bhaijan .. doa korben"
Now i said nothing :(

I got up and started walking .. and montu miah also got out with me from the hotel and started walking to his own way .. he didn`t look behind for a single time .. he was walking all the way looking to the ground .. and he was walking so swift ..

I went to the cafe with a pleasure in my mind .. and humming all the time

"khayrun loww.. tor lomba mathar kesh ....
chirol dat er hashi dia pagol korli desh .........
khayrun lowwwww..........................................."

Friday, May 19, 2006

I call it friendship

18th may .. i was walking alone in baily road. suddenly i found myself infront of a friend`s house .. his name is Taposh, student of Dhaka Medical college. He was my school friend .. a good friend .. but when his profession and my profession changed then we were kind of detached .. though i used to go to his house in every 3-4 months ..

when I was infont of his house I decided to go to see "how he is ?" coz he was appearing at the 2nd Professional (one of the toughest exam in medical science) exam .. and that was my first entrance to his house in this year !

anyway I went up and his mother almost forgot my face .. when she could recognize me .. she was astonished that she found me changed a lot.. ha ha ha .. then taposh came, his sister also came .. [she is brilliant .. she is one of the member of Math Olypmpiad in Bangladesh and she got offer of get into University of Pensilvenia ] .. the whole family gathered .. we spent sometimes gossiping .. they gave me cake to eat .. then I asked " why cake ? what for ?" taposh said "emni kha .. ansi ajke mitu pochondo kore tai "

Then I asked taposh to go out with me .. to meet other friends .. he agreed .. normally he never agrees with this kind of proposal .. he always wishes that everybody will visit him .. ha ha ha ..

then I went to other friend`s house and there we gathered 7-8 persons.. then I proposed that -- as Taposh came in this kind of gathering after a long period of time so taposh will treat us today .. we all knew that taposh is kind of miser.. and he never wastes money treating friends :( though we were forcing him to treat us .. at last we won .. :D

taposh took us to "Golden food" at baily road .. we had a great supper [i mean meal at evening] .. :)

Then at last when the dinner was almost finished taposh suddenly started talking like a leader of a nation .. he started "Friends U were been my friends for 13 years .. pretty long time .. U all are good friends no doubt .. but the matter of great regret is that THIS WAS MY BIRTHDAY.. not a single one could remember that .. "

then the amazing part came .. he continued "and this dipu for the last 4 years he used to come to my house at this very day after a long break and when I give him my birthday cake to him - he always asks in a strange way that WHY CAKE ? WHAT FOR ? .. "

I was totally amazed !! .. we were kind of ashamed .. then I told to him .. "hey taposh dont worry .. I call it FRIENDSHIP .. "

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Conversation

Few days ago I was passing through the "Motijheel colony Market" on a rickshaw. The rickshaw puller was young, healthy and strong :P and he was pulling so hard that I could feel some air in my body which was giving me comfort in this scorching heat of summer [ cut from the essay of rainy season ]

While passing the market we both saw for a few seconds; that in one shop there was a TV and "Undertaker" was pushing hard someone in TenSports. Thus the story begins !

The Rickshaw puller - (his name is Kader)- slowed down his speed started talking
"Boss- eita Undertaker na?"
I was astonished for a while - "ho"
Kader- "Ehon WWF champion keda? "
Me- (:-S) "ami ashole jani na "
Kader-"Apner stone cold Steve austin .. here amar sob cheye beshi bhallage .. halay aisa mone koren je johon beer er botol da dhaila kotha koi tohon to baki gular kapakapi ..."
kadder- "Toy undertaker kintu bujheln char dei deikha .. noile ei dumba mone koren je ekbar apner 'kane' re jei paikari mair dilo tai deikhai bujha jai he ki cheese .. "
Me-"he he .. ho ho .. "
Kader- "Apne mone hoi khela dehen na ..! "
Me- "na bhai dehi na bohu din "
Kader - "Taile ki koren miah .. kotto teha dhaltase ei khelar pichone apnera miah dehen na .. apne koren ki ? "
Me - "na bhai kisu kori na .. kalke theika dekhum"
Kader- "football- crciket dehen ni ?"
[i felt comfort yes ! I know something about this]
Me-"ho ho .. ta to dehi e .."
Kader- "Bissho cup jen kobe bhai ? "
Me- "June e start hoibo .. ar July er first week e mone hoi final"
Kader- "Tarikjh janen na bhai? huur !!"
me- :S
Kader - "Ivory Coast eibar dhukse .. Argentina er group e ase mone hoi.. ar keda jani ase ?"
Me- :s ar .. ar .. ar..... chech Republic !! [thank God I could remember one ! ]
Kader - "oo ho ho .. ei team er mone koren je kothin dour ase .. edi apner dourai kuttar lahan .. dour e apne mone koren je ego loge parben na .. Argentina er eibar koshto hoibo .. hego prottek bar mone koren kothin hoia jai kemne jani ! "
Me- "apne kon dol bhai ?"
Kader - "Argentina !"
Me- :-S [shit ! again caught:( i am brazil supporter]
Kader - "apne nischoy Brazil"
Me - :-S "Hore bhai .. Brazil to eibar dol bhaloi .."
Kader - "Bhaloi bujhlam kintu eksho ekta striker niya to ar dol hoi na hego mid fielder naika "
Me - "na na ke koise Ronaldinho ki dosh korlo ? he to best player.."
Kader - "he he koi ki ? he bujhi mid-fielder? ha ha ha ha ha "
Me- :-S [shit ! I am totally confused ! ]
Kader - "Aicha bhai kon dehi jinish pattir je eirum dam bartase amra koi jaitam !?" [topic changed and this topic is much more sophisticated ! ]
Me- "Ho bhai .. ki ar kora .."
Kader - "ei j mone koren je hei din ei shirt khan kinlam 250 teha dia shokh koira .. he he .. bhai e ki biya korsen ni?"
Me - "na na .." [thinking ..I was wearing a shirt of 200 /- ]
Kader- "ei biya sadhi mone koren je jibone ekkhan jhamela .. agey mone koren je hara rait khep martam .. hara din ghumaitam .. johon mone koito bair hoitam .. nijer rickshaw loia ja mon chai kortam .. ehon mone koren je ar ager moto pari na .."
Me- "apne biya korsen koi din hoilo?"
Kader - "beshi din hoi naikka .. toi jinish pattir dam jemne bartase omne koira to ar rikshaw bhara bare na .. ami mone koren moghbazar modhubagh er bostit thahi ... ei gorome rickshaw chalaia to ar pushai na .. mone kortasi computer shikhum !!!"
Me- [ :O ]
Kader - "computer jana thakle mone koren bohut kame lagbo .. apner ehon to sob e computer .. ki kon ?! "
Me - "ho ho ... computer chara upai nai .."

At this very moment i reached my destination.

Kader miah shook hand with me and told "bhai jan kisu mone koiren na bohut kotha koisi .. mone koren je sara din e sob passenger er loge to ar kotha kaon jai na .. jago loge kotha koia bhalo lage hego loge ektu beshi kotha koi .. thank you ! "
Me - "welcome na .. thik ache .. apne bhai onek janen ami nijeo eto jani na .. asum ne apner barit .. amar phone no. rakhen dorkar hoile phone dien"

[what u think? one of my friends said that he is special agent ha ha ha .... whatever he is .. he is smart and intelligent ]