Sunday, February 26, 2006

Freaky Planner

yeah this is the second day me and some of my friends sat down together in buet. we had a serious disussion on making a drama. Yeah I am serious man .. i am writing a story to be shoot and thats going to be transmitted in the channels .. :p

i made a story .. now the synopsis is being prepared, then the script, then the camera script, then the dialogues and detailed script.. everything .. after all of that i can say only one thing - feeling "grEAt"..

the story is kind of Freaky ! the funniest part is there is no actress here.

the story will start with 5 friends .. they gathered all together after long period of time as one of them came here(bd) from U.K. They then planned some freaky plans ! and they started fulfilling them. time to time they were successful in each and every plans...

Now after all that I found . the story can run only for 30 minutes. So I need some more plans.

I can give u some hint on what kind of freaky plan they are making:

plan 1 : one of them was refused from his girlfriend. but he love her till now. he can never hear any kind of ill word about that girl. but one day he found that the girl is making some strange stories about him and telling it to people.. (the girl is married now) then he planned to go to the girl`s house and slap her infront of her husband and come back..

plan 2 : one of them stole lots of ice creams from a shop near his school in his school time. now he wants to give back those money to that poor old man ..

this kind of .. then I asked a senior brother in BUET to tell me his freaky plan of his entire life. Then he told me the story: "he (that senior bro) was HSC student then. beside his home in ctg. there lived a girl of class 10.. he had a desire to have sex with the MOTHER of that girl ! [total freak @!]"

so i dont insist u to be Freak! I just ask U guyz ! if u have any freaky plan then leave a comment here.. help Me please !

"freaky planner"

Monday, February 20, 2006

fuck denish

fuck the denish ..
fuck the denish
fuck the denish ..

Yeah those people who never ever respect to other`s religion they are not respectable.
Those people who never ever respects to Hajrat Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Salam) are not respectable
I dub these kind of people "BEAST"

We are not offensive.. our religion is calm n quite..BUT when these kind of neglegation and attack occur so often it is human kind who cant sit behind. I dub thee a human.


Shuvo Sokal

"Aaj amar mon kharap nei
ami anmone boshe achi
Akash pane drishti uudaash

Ami nijer jonno ene nibo
Megh theke brishtir jheere jheere haowa ...
Se haowai bheshe jabo ami

Aaj amar jochona chorai alo
Projapotir danay bishad kore bhor jokhon tokhon
Bishad kore bhor ...

Aaj amar chokher kone jol
Brishtira obiram kade
Aamar pashe aamar pothe pothe

Ami nijer jonno ene nibo
Megh theke brishtir jheere jheere haowa ...
Se haowai bheshe jabo ami "

Din ke din ami kemon sarthopor hoye jachi .. sudhu nijer kotha bhabi .. sudhu nijer bhalo ta chinta kori ...

Kintu aaj sokal ta puro onnorokom I am loving this day again.. Sokal ta dekhei mone holo ajke amar din bhalo jabe .. ashole jotish bole kisu dorkar ache bole amar mone hoi na manush er mon emon ek bichitro jinsh je kina agei bujhte pare kokhon ki ghotte jache . Ami aaj jarporonai khushi ... aaj amar sotti mon khraap nei .. :D

Sobaike shuvo sokal .. jani na ki mone kore j protiddin amar ei blog gulate ami kichu odrisho manush ke subhecha janie jachi .. keu kintu porchen a amr ei blog .. tobuo bhalo lage sobaike subecha janate...

"rod jola kono ek nirjon dupure
polatok prem ese bollo hotath kore
aaj din katuk gaane
aaj din kaatuk gaane e e e "

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I can change I can change

This sunday seems to be much sunny day, I am loving it ..
My plan for today-

I wont tell a lie
I wont smoke more than 3
I wont miss the prayers in time
I wont miss my x-lover anymore
I wont spend a min watching porn sites
I wont chat in messengers for long
I wont take much time in lunch
I wont think of switching new job
I wont dream of some impossible dreams

I will give money to the beggers ..
I will donate money for our classmates site hosting
I will pray in time
I will do what I do . my job
I will Utter the truth infornt of evryone
I will walk a mile after noon
I will meet my friends very soon
I will see the sky
I will see thyself with my whole sight

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dont know Why?

Dont know why I am not loving this day ..
Dont know why I cant accept the right things ..
Dont know why I made some easy mistakes in my tasks ..
Dont know why I am being such rude day by day !
Dont know why nothing is attracting me ..
Dont know why I am facing the saddest part of reality ..
Dont know why I am hearing a song without meaning ..
Dont know why BUSH becomes president?
Dont know why USA is so unbeatable?
Dont know why the muslims are being beaten up ..
Dont know why the third world is being so neglected ..
Dont know why this UN was created...

Dont know why nobody is replying my blog ...
Dont know why I am writing this Blog...
Dont know why someone is reading this blog ?

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Who am I ?

This blog title may guide u to the thing i am going to explain here. Ya "who ami I ?"[starring- Jakie chang.. :D] I am dipu .. is that all ? No thats not all. I am Hasnat Jamil Dipu. I was born in a country - the most wonderful country through out the whole world - named "Bangladesh" then I was born in a Muslim Family and I am muslim. I was always a kind of Gracious boy in my child hood. Sometimes my elder sis used to beat me so that I atleast cry once; coz i hardly cried.

I always loved to dream. As a child I always watched things and tried to remember them. One day me, my sis and some of my cousins (We all were in the age of 6 to 12. ) went together to a Hindu Temple what they call "MONDIR" just to visit in our village Feni. Near that Mondir there was a dew pond where the Ash of the body of the Hindus burned were floated. It was near evening. We were roaming and playing around the pond. The Mondir was gone out of order .. only the dead bodys were burned in that place. When the sun set everyone was preparing to leave the place. At a certain time I was alone, was near the pond and looked at my shadow in the pond.

All on a sudden I just saw a shadow that a boy of my age- actually I saw another me is just behind me , his eyese are closed
and he was walking towards me in a manner that he was about to push me down to the water; my heart was about to jump out in that very situation and I fell on the ground ...

I could remember nothing after that ...

Evryone says that I was carried to home senseless and after that noone asked me about that. But the thing is i am now in the age of 23. But still I can remember the face of that boy. I read so many books, i watched so many movies. but still i cant find the answer of that incident...

Still today I think who am I and who was I, Am I a shadow ?? I showed my hand to an astoronomist, he told that ur age line is pretty much confusing .. it doesnt say clearly who u are ?

Who am I ???

Its amazing !

hey this is a tesat blog .. :D

yeah its just the starting ....

I will publish more blogs after getting the feedback of u guyz..

Lemme introduce myself..

I am both nobody and 1&only ... ha ha ha

Right now i am living in Dhaka .. working in dhaka .. spending leisure in dhaka .. all my friends
are in dhaka ... i am enjoying in dhaka ..

Thats all for today ...


"nobosy is perfect & i am nobody"