Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One damn Year

Yeah just after one year I again came back to this Blog world!!!

Lots of changes/ups and downs came up to me, Changed job two times, sister got married, father got retired, mother became sick, fallen in love, still single, got friends-lost friends, dreams came true- dreams remained dreams- dreams were broken, enjoyed new things- missing the old days, passing the hectic days-lonely nights, can spend money whenever I wish-cant do whatever I wish, meet friends once in a week-meet shark like BOSS everyday, became fat-black-bald headed(all possible negative things came up in my physical structure), missed the Blog world, lost the symphony of writing Blogs, became “Dumb” writer from “Spoony”, becoming busy-busy more busy…

One damn year I passed! Became older

Day before yesterday- passing a lawn near a friend’s house, some school boys were playing cricket there, became damn happy to see them playing, suddenly fixed up my mind to play with them, I was moving towards them to join, all on a sudden the ball came near to my foot- I was about to pick the ball up! A boy shouted from a distance “Uncle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Throw the ball please.” Broken Heart! L I am now an uncle! still When I pass my school and see the girls of class 10 wearing “salwar-kamez”- I feel to call them up “Apu”. Still young in mind eh!! J One of my friends- always say “don’t wish me in birthdays- coz it’s not a good thing, getting old lar”

Want to share a lot of things happened in my life in last one year. I will come up with the “Year in Re(ar)view” series very quick.

Till then hold on!

Coming out from office lately tonight! Missed the pick n drop car, decided to walk- it was drizzling, on the way found a man standing playing the flute, halted for a moment- the song he was playing was very known to me but cudnt remember, all on a sudden while writing the blog the song came out of my mind (a Lalon song)----

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare
barir kache arshi nogor
setha porshi bosot kore- ek ghor porshi bosot kore

geram bere ogadh pani
nai kinara nai toroni pare
bancha kori dekhbo tare
kemne setha jai re-ami kemne setha jai re

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare

ki bolbo porshiro kotha
hosto podo skondho matha nai re
khonik thake sunner upor khonik bhashe nide

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare

porshi jodi amay chuto
jom jatona sokol jaito dure
se ar lalon ek khane roi - lokho jojon fak re ..
tobu lokho jojon fak re

ami ek din o na dekhilam tare