Monday, July 24, 2006

Who is the owner of the SIM

Last Saturday me, Rabby, Vicky and Sunny [frnds] were standing at Baily Road just opposite to new Haelvatia- were spending some lazy hours.. gossiping on some funny situations that occured in last few days in Bangladesh; sometimes we were making fun of the Sub-jailing of Shayokh Abdur Rahman and Bangla bhai in Mirpur, sometimes on the Generation Djuice and their language, etc. etc.

Vicky [who always acts mysterious] suddenly put out his Jumbo Mobile of Nokia - 7710 which was ringing, he looked at the mobile for couple of seconds and then again put that in his pocket. We saw the whole incident and asked him nothing as he always do some thing mysterious. At that time I discovered a tiny thing on the road near to vicky`s feet "arey eita ki! "

Yeah a SIM card was fallen on the street. The SIM cards became so cheap in Bangladesh :o Then I was about to take that from the ground and Rabby told "Tui nishchoi ekhon oita tuila Mobile e bhorbina ?!"

Yeah I took the SIM and took the Motorazor of Vicky [he uses two sets of Mobile but he hardly receives call !] and put that SIM card in. Found out the number of that SIM and most amazingly the number is "01721... ..." that means its a GP SIM and its quite new as the numer starts with 0172 !!!

Then we started finding the saved numbers in SIM card; actually we were looking for some number of gals :P .. we found the following names saved in the mobile alphabetically

Paul*Gatiar [same number as the previous one !]
Raquel+ Jaspier
and two or three more I forgot.

The names are so confusing by which neither we could predict anything nor we got a sweet number to call :( Then checked the account and it had 24 taka remaining. We had nothing to do at that moment we planned to take a challenge .. the challenge is to discover the owner of the mobile and hand it over to him. The clues are the phone numbers we got and we have "life" of 24 taka only.

[ he he he "kam na thakle ja hoi ar ki ! " : ]

Anyways vicky started the challenge . first called to Baba.

Vicky - "Hellow .. bhai please ei number e ektu call back koren joruri"
From the other side - "ji ji ..? ? "
Vicky disconnected the call and within few seconds 'the call of BABA' came.
Okie now my part "Bhai ei number ta ki apni chinen ?"
- "keda bhai o .. keda ? ki hoise ? na na chini na to ! eita koi ?"
me - "eida dhaka"
- "kon ki ? ami to comillai .. keda ? keda ?"
me - "bhai sab apner no. ei SIM card e Baba nam e save kora tai bhablam apni ei harano SIM card er maliker bap .. he he he .. jai hok apni chinen na ei number ? taile baad den"
- "kia koilen bhaisa ? ai to bia e kori no !! " [what r u talking about ? i didnt marry yet]
me :-s

Okie we have 20 taka left and 5 numbers, within this have to find out the owner.

We then called the "Paul+gatair".. Vicky again asked that person to call back and most amazingly this guy also called back. I was thinking if I would receive this kind of calls I would never call him back :P

Anyways Paul on the phone - "hellow ji bhai bolen ki somossa ?"
Me- "Paul bolchen ? apnio ki Comillai ?"
- "[amazed] ji.. ke ?"
I described him the whole situation and he was also amazed as he doesn`t know the number ! Then that Paul asked me my number :-s I told him that he will get me in this number since I dont get the owner .. khekz ;)

Then a "pan-cigarette wala" beside us was laughing at us on this situation, we offered him to keep the SIM and he refused :O

Then Vicky, Rabby started making fun .. they figured the whole situation just as the movie "Telephone Booth" one person is sitting near us with a sniper and we started searching the sniper .. one again was telling about the movie "Cellular" that someone will call us and ask to rescue her .. blah blah blah

Suddenly the phone rang - who will receive the call ? The number was unknown ! After some rings I received the call;
- "Helllow"
- "sono [no hellow nothing] ajke bikel 3 tar somoy press club e Awamileague er ekta sobad sommelon ache tumi aste parba ?"
I answered "amake ki korte hobe ?"

The person disconnectd the call strangely !

Now who could be the owner ? Is he a journalist ? or is this a code of terrorists that means they are planning to do some terrorism in press club !

Huuusssh ! a police van just stopped by us at that moment. Rabby is still telling somethin hilarious "they traced the call dipu .. they traced .. hata suru kor .. vicky mobile silent kor ektu duur e gia SIM falaia de " he he .. :-j

A sergeant got down from the van and most amazingly he came toward me ! Now I got fright !That police asked "ei dokane ki gold leaf er notun flavor ta paoa jai ?"

me - ":o dokandar rei jiggesh koren ?"
police man - "dokaner samne emne bhir koira daraye thakle kemne jigamu ? dekhi SOREN !"

We just gave him some room and suddenly his walky talky started talking "##**$^ [some codes] Sir sir .. brishti astese amra ki tent e chole jabo ? sir sir ..over"

police man - "&^*&^ [codes again] brihsti aite den agei den jabo koren keno? over "

Suddenly his mobile rang and he aswered to that mobile simaltaneously "ji hellow .. arey koien na sir ajke sokalei SIM ta haraise .. pocket e SIM thakle ja hoi ar ki .. oi number ta koidinn pore tulbo apni ei number ta diye den"

We just left the place .. it is not suitable to be with a Police man for such a long time. Suddenly again our Motorazor rang and it is Paul again "Baily road er kon jaigai asen apni bolen ? ami lok pathachi .. apni ke ? who are you ?"
I answered - "apni to malik na apni keno lok pathaben ?"
- "taile amare phone korsen keno ? beshi faal pairen na koia dilam "

I just disconnected the call.. it already half an hour passed .. I gave up .. I decided not to play more with that.

Mysterious Vicky kept the SIM with him. Rabby started sloving the equation- suspects are
- The police man
- The "pan cigarette wala"
- Paul
- and vicky ! [vicky doesn`t know about his suspenison .. he he]

The problem is not solved yet.. When I was writing this post I called vicky to know the current situation of the SIM and mysteriously he answered "ase ase bepar ase !"


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Rajputro said...

"Isn't it funny whenever we hear a phone ringing we have to answer it?"-phone booth

"Isn't it funny when we find someone's sim with credit, we've to make calls?"--deshi version ;)
Dost amar dharona vicky halay 3 number cell kinte partesena deikha simta pocket e raikha dise. Jei shosta (!!) duita set use kore :P

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous upoma said...

he he he ....

ajob+moja !!

u knw wut ? ami onek beshi khushi hotam jodi SIM ta 0172 diye start na hoye 0173 diye start hoto !! remember why ?? he he ...

beparta solve hole khuboi mojar hobe !! try try

At 2:51 AM, Anonymous Fat Wizard said...

Lol . .so what happened alas, to the SIM ? ..

i cud always use some . . u kow :angel: :P

At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vicky bhaijaan re paile mobile er opokarita shomporke ekta lecture ditam B-) tao abar RAZR! porer kahini janar opekhkhay asi...

At 11:03 AM, Blogger aragorn said...

dipu, amar mone hoy vicky ekhane culprit. toder shathe ektu dillagi korse...;))

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Munaz said...

SIM must be oi Police er .. cause Political call chilo ekta.. and arekta Paula bole je call back korsilo for 2nd time je Lok die SIM ta ferot nibe.. he is one of the Political guy.

Tholar SIM haraise.. ota jogar kore dile relation bhalo thakbe .. this is a usual BD system of Politics :p
And oi Mga Police tai SIM haraise.. ei khane Cigarate khaite aisha dekho ga.. maiader dike takay silo sure.. :)

Tokhoni haraise.. :P
Paula could be even a person from DB or Detective.. Chengra Detective jaar boss er SIM dekho ga haraise..

aro pechabo?? but i am sure tht SIM ta oi Halar Police Kudduser :p

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dipu, ami sure sim card ta amader vicky r .......predict koirai boltesi.....bcz vicky re to amra chini ..naki.......toder sathe emnei ektoo rohosso korlo ....ei r ki....

-boro vhai

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Shakia said...

you should make a movie about this.. you got the beginning nah? now write a good story line and make a movie out of it.. :-P

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sakiapu has a good idea! this could be made into an interesting movie! "To whom the SIM belongs!" (copy marlam ;)) anyways.. porer porbo koi????

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Munaz said...

Session 1 shesh to.. bujhlam.. but Session 2 kobe release pabe ???

eto dekhi bishaal Biroti .. Movie maker eto boro Ghum dile cholbe?? taile Movie dekhbe kara?? :(

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous upoma said...

WaiTinG For ThE nExt EpiSod :-w !!

At 5:21 PM, Blogger savannaview said...

amaro mone hoy simta policetar

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Shakia said...

*knock knock* Anyone there?!

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Manzur said...

dipu, eita amago vicky... boro bhai ar tareq thik e koise...

oi natok ta ses kor...lets make a movie out of it...

rabbi'r video cam ta asey na???

At 12:25 AM, Blogger The Bengali Fob said...

Wow. I haven't visited your blog for a long time! YOu haven't either it seems... ARe you on vacation?

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Shaon said...

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger ronju said...

vai amake ki copyright ta deoa jae..ami ekta kahini banate chacchilam...amake apne chinene na..shafi hoe or refrence ei copyright ta amake den

At 8:34 PM, Blogger ridwan_dhk said...

bossing kahini, moja paisi........

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Swagato said...

Dipu bahi... apner blog eto faka ken? :) Lekho lekho..:) Arow mojar mojar kahini lekhow..

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Té la mà Maria said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Shezad said...

whoahhh!!! jotil to story ta :)

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